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PLS JTAG debugger software full license or license renewal
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SPC5-UDEDEBG license enables the code unlimited usage of the SPC-UDESTK overcoming the evaluation license which is full features but code-limited (128 Kbytes).

With SPC5-UDEDEBG you can debug your applications in a convenient and cost-efficient way.

The full feature code unlimited 1-year license, SPC5-UDEDEBG-TL, can be ordered directly from ST franchised distributors and activated by accessing SPC5-UDESTK-SW ST WEB page.

After 1-year user is eligible to purchase a 2-year renewal license (SPC6-UDEDEBUG-T2).

The SPC5-UDESTK debugger is fully compatible with, and accessible via ST's integrated development environment, SPC5-Studio, which can be downloaded from ST WEB (free download).

E2E Community is available on ST WEB.

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1-year license with full memory access


2-year renewal license with full memory access

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Supports both SPC5-UDESTK standalone and the equivalent version embedded into Discovery board.
  • Supports SPC56 and SPC57 MCUs
  • Supports Multicore, eTPU and GTM debugging
  • Includes FLASH programming capability
  • Support service provided through STMicroelectronics

Software Package

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DB2038: SPC5-UDESTK JTAG debugger license for SPC5 MCUs
3.0 65 KB

User Manual

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UM1659: Integrated development environment for 32bit Power Architecture® derivatives
2.0 537 KB

Presentations & Training Material


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SPC5Studio IDE and associated debugger/compilers for spc5 mcu’s.
1.0 374 KB

Related Tools and Software

Related Tools and Software

产品型号 描述
SPC56P-Discovery Discovery Kit for SPC56 P line - with SPC560P50L5 MCU
SPC5-UDESTK-SW SPC5-UDESTK Debugging Software for Windows
SPC56B-Discovery Discovery Kit for SPC56 B line - with SPC560B54L5 MCU
SPC56D-Discovery Discovery Kit for SPC56 D line - with SPC56D40L1 MCU

样品 & 购买

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SPC5-UDEDEBG-TLActiveBuy Direct208.25
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Farnell Element14Order NowEUROPE21

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