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3rd generation high-end emulation tool ST7-EMU3

The ST7-EMU3 series of emulators is the third generation of high-end emulators for ST7. EMU3 series emulators are designed to speed up the development of complex software applications for ST7 microcontrollers by providing a complete range of advanced debugging features. In combination with ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7) and ST7 Visual Programmer (STVP7), they provide start-to-finish control of application development – from building and debugging applications, to programming your ST7.

The EMU3 series emulators deliver start-to-finish control by providing both emulation and In-Circuit Communication (ICC) configurations from a single platform.

In the emulation configuration, the EMU3 probe and STVD7 software allow debugging while connected an application board in place of the target ST7. This configuration offers the most complete range of debugging features, including trace, advanced breakpoints and performance analysis. In addition, the EMU3 comes with all the adapters and connectors to connect to the application board in place of the target ST7.

The ICC configuration allows In-Circuit Debugging (ICD) of the application while it runs on the ST7 that is installed on your application board. Once debugging is completed, the ICC configuration allows In-Circuit Programming (ICP) of ST7 Flash microcontrollers on your application board or an ST7 Socket Board.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Emulation Features Unlimited breakpoints with counter and condition Two output triggers Nine external input triggers 256K real-time trace recording with timestamp Memory read/write on the fly Low voltage emulation from 1.8 to 5.5 V Programmable clock frequency from 32 KHz up to 16 MHz Performance Analysis Four-level logic sequencer that allows you to perform specific actions such as: Stop program execution Start/stop trace recording, Record a snapshot in the trace, Output signals via the two output triggers These actions can be coordinated with the occurrence of a specific event or a series of events such as: an event at an address or range of addresses,a specific data value with bit mask,a read, write or read/write access,stack operation access...or any combination of these.


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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DB0159: Full-featured, real time emulator series for ST7
2.4 144 KB

Application Notes

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AN1504: Starting a PWM signal directly at high level using the ST7 16-bit timer
1.3 171 KB

User Manual

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UM0034: ST7-EMU3 series emulator
4.1 2,296 KB
UM0123: ST7MDT20M-EMU3 probe user guide
2.5 708 KB
UM0133: ST7MDT20J-EMU3 Probe User Guide
2.6 915 KB
UM0139: ST7MDT10-EMU3 probe user guide
6.1 3,030 KB

Related Tools and Software

Related Tools and Software

产品型号 描述
AC7MDT20-T64 TQFP64 flex adapter for ST7MDT20M-EMU3
AS/Stice_Connect Adapter Socket for application board - to use with STICE-SYS00x emulation systems
AC7MDT20-T80 TQFP80 (14x14) flex adapter ST7MDT20M-EMU3
AC7MDT10-D32/S28 SDIP32/SO28 connection kit for ST7MDT10-EMU3, includes SDIP32 flex adapter and SDIP32 to SO28 adapter
AC7MDT10-D16/S16 SDIP16/SO16 connection kit for ST7MDT10-EMU3, includes SDIP16 flex adapter and SDIP16 to SO16 adapter
AC7MDT10-D20/S20 DIP20/SO20 connection kit for ST7MDT10-EMU3, includes SDIP20 flex adapter and SDIP20 to SO20 adapter
AC7MDT20-T44 TQFP44 (10x10) flex adapter for ST7MDT20J-EMU3
AS-TQFP44 TQFP44 (10x10) socket and cover to solder to an application board for connection of ST emulators.
AC7MDT20-T32 TQFP32 (7x7) flex adapter for ST7MDT20J-EMU3

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ST7MDT10-EMU3NRND3rd generation high-end emulation tool ST7-EMU3-3800No availability reported, please contact our Sales officeNot compliant-
ST7MDT20J-EMU3NRND3rd generation high-end emulation tool ST7-EMU3-3800No availability reported, please contact our Sales officeNot compliant-
ST7MDT20M-EMU3NRND3rd generation high-end emulation tool ST7-EMU3-4500No availability reported, please contact our Sales officeNot compliant-

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