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    USB/JTAG debugger for SPC5 MCUs with software license included (by PLS)

    The SPC5-UDESTK is a USB/JTAG interface to enable the debugging and programming at budget price of SPC56 and SPC57 MCUs.

    SPC5-UDESTK is fully compliant with IEEE1149.1 JTAG protocol. SPC5-UDESTK supports you while building applications and you can run and test your software in a convenient and cost-efficient way. It offers a collection of tools including source file management, project building and powerful HLL debugger with high-speed communication paths to the customer's hardware target system with target monitor.

    There are two kit bundle versions available including the SPC5-UDESTK JTAG/USB adapter and the debugger SW.

    SPC-UDESTK-EVAL includes a full-featured, perpetual, code-limited (128 Kbytes) PLS software license.

    SPC-UDESTK-FULL includes a full-featured, code unlimited, PLS software debugger 1 year license.

    SPC-UDESTK can be ordered directly from ST or ST franchised distributors.

    To download the debugger software and to activate license go to SPC5-UDESTK-SW ST WEB page.

    Users of SPC-UDESTK-FULL version, after 1st year, are eligible to purchase a 2-year renewal license.

    The SPC5-UDESTK debugger is accessible via ST's free integrated development environment, SPC5Studio, which can be downloaded from ST WEB (free download).

    An E2E Community is available on ST WEB.

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    Include SPC5-UDESTK & time unlimited software licence up to 128 Kbyte code.


    Include SPC5-UDESTK & 1-year license with full memory access.

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