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IPTV set-top boxes allow you to browse and view internet television and other web content via your broadband connection, in either standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD), depending on the type of MPEG decoder used.  The example below is a standalone IP set-top box, but hybrid IP set-top boxes, where the IP connection is in addition to another media reception mode (cable, satellite or digital terrestrial), are also supported by ST. 

ST's wide support of middleware and third-party applications ensures that internet content can be effortlessly streamed to your TV.  MII and GMII interfaces support ethernet and gigaethernet connectivity.  Connectivity to other audio/video media is taken care of by eSATA, and USB 2.0 connections.

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Technical Documentation

Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN4356: Antenna desense on handheld equipment
1.2 1,844 KB

Publications and Collaterals


Description Version Size
Decoders for hybrid DTT/cable/IPTV platforms
2.0.0 490 KB
High definition, low bit-rate video decoders
1.0 592 KB
STi7108: Dual HD decoder with integrated 3D GPU
2.0.0 279 KB
STi7108M: Dual 3D/HD decoder with integrated MoCA 1.X
960 KB


Description Version Size
Peripheral semiconductors for set-top box applications
634 KB
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