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A gateway controller serves as a communication bridge between the various networks inside the vehicle, including but not limited to CAN (low, high speed), LIN, ISO-9141 and J1850. The electronics may reside in a stand alone module or may be embedded in another application, such as a smart junction box, body controller, or instrument cluster. ST, with a broad portfolio of BCD, CMOS and power technologies, can provide a complete gateway solution, including bus transceivers, regulators and low cost, high performance microcontrollers with network protocol handlers’ on-chip. A sampling of ST products that are applicable to gateway applications can be found in the following block diagram.

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Description Version Size
AN4110: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under EN 300 220 at 868 MHz
1.0 1,028 KB
AN4732: STCOMET smart meter and power line communication system-on-chip development kit
2.0 2,584 KB
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