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Automotive Infotainment

Even low and mid-range automobiles are now offering as standard or optional equipment sophisticated information and entertainment systems including:

  • Entertainment
  • Terrestrial and satellite analog and digital radio and TV
  • CD, MP3 and DVD video playback  through multi-speaker high-quality audio systems
  • Information
  • Telematics and navigation
  • Points of interest
  • Traffic
  • Vision-based Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)

ST’s key products for automotive information and entertainment systems are:

  • Terrestrial and satellite digital radio receiver ICs
  • GPS and GNSS receiver ICs
  • Audio, media and navigation processors
  • Automotive audio power amplifiers from medium power class AB to 100 Watt + Class D
  • Automotive protection devices
  • 32-bit automotive MCUs
  • Automotive EEPROMS
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