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IO-Link Association / (IO-Link standard)

IO-Link is a new communication interface that makes intelligent communication possible between sensors and actuators. Typical intelligent actuators and sensors are: single solenoid valves, optical, capacitive or inductive sensors. An advantage of IO-Link is that the interface is integrated openly into the automation environment. Thus integration into each field bus system is possible. The sensors and actuators are connected in the last meters via point-to-point connections using economical standard cables.

ST contribution and offering

ST has been a member of the IO-Link consortium since it's beginning and still cooperates actively. ST offers smart transceiver solutions for device and master applications. The device transceiver can be programmed in terms of current levels, diagnostic information and filter timings according to application needs. It contains the Rx/Tx transmission with COM1, COM2 and COM3 support, DC-DC power management and it is fully reverse-supply protected. The transceiver solution for the master application is based on a single-port solution, assembled in an ultra small QFN package. It offers the same flexibility as the device solution. Thanks to the advanced QFN package and our BCDVI mixed signal technology, ST contributes cost competitive solutions for IO-Link systems. In addition to our transceiver solution, ST is able to offer complete system solutions for device and master applications.

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AN2813: TDE1708DFT in IO-Link applications
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