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AC/DC High Voltage Battery Management Unit

Mobile robots are usually battery operated. Solar-powered robots or other wireless approaches are not frequently found among commercially available solutions or in robotics literature. The market for autonomous robots is far-ranging, spanning advanced toys to robots dedicated to the exploration of hostile environments. These autonomous or semi-autonomous robots could be compared to electrical vehicles where AC-DC conversion is required to recharge the battery from the mains supply. Mains converters are thus devices that are going to become more common on these platforms. STMicroelectronics offers a large portfolio of mains converters, with associated technical documentation and evaluation boards, to help speed the design time for developers.

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Description Version Size
AN2738: L6390 half-bridge gate driver
2.2 3,250 KB
AN4242: New generation of 650 V SiC diodes
1.2 2,463 KB
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