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Mobile-robot navigation covers a wide spectrum of different technologies and applications. Frequently, autonomous navigation is considered pure science fiction, but in fact it is only a complex problem with specific requirements and solutions.

  • Global navigation, or the ability for the robot to determine its position in absolute or map-referenced terms, and to move to a desired destination point.
  • Local navigation, or the ability for the robot to determine its position relative to objects (stationary or moving) in the environment, and to interact with them correctly.
  • Personal navigation, or the ability for the robot to be aware of the positioning of the various parts that it is made of, in relation to each other and in handling objects.

ST has the state-of-the-art technologies and products for advanced navigation systems, including inertial sensors for dead reckoning, GPS for outdoor navigation, or cameras for object recognition.

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AN2592: How to achieve 32-bit timer resolution using the link system in STM32F10x and STM32L15x microcontrollers
3.1 593 KB
AN2679: Smart inductive proximity switch
1.2 218 KB
AN2820: Driving bipolar stepper motors using a medium-density STM32F103xx microcontroller
2.3 353 KB
AN2988: LIS331DLF: ±2 g /±4 g /±8 g digital output high performance ultra low-power 3-axis accelerometer
1.0 468 KB
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