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STM8T143 is the latest member of ST’s STM8T capacitive proximity and touch-key controller family embedding charge-transfer capacitive technology. The STM8T143 measures human body capacitance near an electrode (usually made of a copper pad or conductive ITO material) behind a dielectric such as glass or acrylic panel.
The STM8T143 is a single-channel, 8-pin device and has an extremely low current consumption (around 10 µA). It embeds sampling capacitors and a voltage regulator to optimize device sensitivity, as well as to improve system immunity in noisy environments. It offers a detection range up to 25 cm with its unique electrode parasitic-capacitance compensation (EPCC) feature.
In cell phones, the STM8T143 provides on-ear proximity detection and deactivates the touchscreen function to prevent unintentional user touches during a call. The STM8T143 is also a unique solution to meet FCC SAR (specific absorption rate) requirements for tablets so as to reduce RF power when the device is in close contact with the user.
Other uses are various and include on/off switch replacement/enhancement, backlighting on proximity for user interfaces, wakeup or control functions on proximity, find-in-the-dark for lighting equipment, and companion devices for battery saving in portable equipment.

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