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Standard Serial EEPROM

ST's standard serial EEPROM portfolio offers:

  • Industry’s largest memory size - 2 Mbits
  • Smallest standard package UFDFPN5
  • Smallest and ultrathin WLCSP packages 
  • A guarantee at 4 million erase/write cycles and 200 years data retention
  • The 3 major bus types
    • M24 Series I²C up to 2 Mbits, up to 1 MHz bus
    • M95 Series SPI, to 2 Mbits, up to 20 MHz bus, Chip Select
    • M93 series Microwire up to 16 Kbits
  • Miniature packages (WLCSP and ultrathin WLCSP, UFDFPN8, UFDFPN5) and small packages (S08, TSSOP8)
  • Operating voltage from 5.5 V to 1.7 V, (even 1.6 V for some parts)
  • Specific features
    • Lockable Identification Page (I²C or SPI bus),
    • Programmable block protection (Microwire bus)
  • IBIS and Verilog models are available in Design Resources for Standard Serial EEPROM and Automotive EEPROM


Ultrathin WLCSP package

Portable devices are becoming an increasingly important part of the consumer market. To meet developer’s requirements in this kind of application, ST launch its latest Ultrathin WLCSP packages family with Tiny, Ultrathin, Lightweight characteristics : Take advantage of thickness below 0.3 mm and size smaller than 0.8 mm²!

Click here  get more information on miniature packages.

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