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Standard Serial EEPROM

ST's standard serial EEPROM portfolio offers:

  • Industry’s largest memory size - 2 Mbits
  • Smallest standard package UFDFPN5
  • Smallest and ultrathin WLCSP packages 
  • A guarantee at 4 million erase/write cycles and 200 years data retention
  • The 3 major bus types
    • M24 Series I²C up to 2 Mbits, up to 1 MHz bus
    • M95 Series SPI, to 2 Mbits, up to 20 MHz bus, Chip Select
    • M93 series Microwire up to 16 Kbits
  • Miniature packages (WLCSP and ultrathin WLCSP, UFDFPN8, UFDFPN5) and small packages (S08, TSSOP8)
  • Operating voltage from 5.5 V to 1.7 V, (even 1.6 V for some parts)
  • Specific features
    • Lockable Identification Page (I²C or SPI bus),
    • Programmable block protection (Microwire bus)
  • IBIS and Verilog models are available in Design Resources for Standard Serial EEPROM and Automotive EEPROM
2Mbit available from SO-8 to WLCSP

New 2-Mbit EEPROM is a perfect fit for high-end wearables

In order to meet designer’s requirements for wearables, ST leads the EEPROM technology roadmap with the launch of its high-density devices. Watches, sport bracelets, and portable medical equipment embed more and more intelligence such as motion-tracking, GPS, and data logging features. ST's 2-Mbit EEPROMs perfectly meet these constraints with miniature WLCSP packages (2 x 3.5 x 0.58 mm) and low power consumption (maximum of 3 µA in standby mode and 3 mA while reading or writing). Compatible with I2C and SPI buses, ST's 2-Mbit EEPROM do not compromise on reliability (200 years' data retention and 4M write cycles)

Click here to access the marketing presentation of the 2-Mbit products. 

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