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MDmesh M2 series

A very low gate charge (Qg) combined with an excellent output capacitance (Coss) profile make ST’s MDmesh M2 series ideal for use in resonant-type supplies (LLC converters). With a breakdown voltage ranging from 400 V to  650 V, the MDmesh M2 MOSFETs are available in a wide range of package options, including the new 4-lead TO247-4 which features a dedicated control pin for increased switching efficiency, the 1-mm-high surface-mount PowerFLAT 8x8 HV and PowerFLAT 5x6 HV featuring an exposed metal drain pad for efficient heat dissipation.

Key features and benefits:

  • Extremely low Qg for increased efficiency
  • Optimized gate charge and capacitance profiles for resonant power supplies (LLC converters)
MDmesh M2 series

New 650 V MDmesh M2 power MOSFETs

The M2 series of super-junction MOSFETs has been extended with the introduction of 650 V devices ensuring a higher safety margin for more robust and reliable applications. The low on-resistance (down to 0.36Ω in the TO-220 package) combined with low gate charge and input/output capacitances enable highly-efficient adapters, solar micro-inverters and lighting applications.
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