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High PSRR LDO Regulators

Conceived for noise-sensitive and RF applications, this series of high-performance LDO regulators feature remarkable power supply rejection ratio characteristics (up to 92 dB at 1 kHz) and ultra-low noise operation (as low as 6.3 µVRMS) resulting in cleaner and stable output voltages suitable for ultra-sensitive loads. Their advanced design guarantees fast and stable dynamic performance with low power consumption.

LD59015XX33 high PSRR and low noise LDO regulator

Housed in the small and practical SC-70 5-lead package, the LD59015XX33 linear voltage regulator features remarkable power supply rejection characteristics, with the excellent figure of 80 dB at 100 Hz. Its advanced design guarantees fast and stable dynamic performances and low noise, keeping both the operating and standby power consumption at a very low level. It provides 150 mA of output current from an input voltage ranging from 2.3 to 5.5 V, with a typical dropout voltage as low as 150 mV, satisfying the power supply requirements of high-end battery-operated electronic devices.

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