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3-phase controller with embedded drivers for the next GPU generation
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The device implements a one-to-three phases step-down controller with three integrated high current drivers in a compact 6x6 mm body package with exposed pad.

Output voltage can be selected trough serial and parallel VID up to 1.3500 V and managing D-VID with ±2 % output voltage accuracy.

The device manages serial BUS communication to program power management functionalities as well as monitoring.

The device features automatic startup phase procedure and phases self detection for safe operation.

The controller embeds 5 V LDO regulator increasing design flexibility.

Advanced IC and VRM thermal management to assure robust design and safe operation.

The controller assures fast protection against load over current and under / over voltage.

L6788A is available in VPQFN 6 x 6 mm package.

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Key Features

  • 1, 2 or 3 selectable phase operation
  • Phases self detection
  • High current internal drivers
  • Versatile solution: serial and parallel VID for output voltage setting
  • Serial BUS interface for power manager and monitoring
  • Automatic startup phase procedure
  • Advanced IC and VRM thermal management to assure robust design and safe operation
  • 5 V LDO regulator output to increases design flexibility.
  • Adjustable and precise output voltage
  • Full differential current sense across inductor
  • Differential remote voltage sensing
  • LSLess startup to manage pre-biased output
  • Programmable over current protection
  • Adjustable switching frequency
  • Enable signal
  • VPQFN40 6x6 mm package with exposed pad

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DS6075: 3-phase controller with embedded drivers for the next GPU generation
2.2 329 KB

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Description Version Size
3-phase DC-DC controller for cardslatest generation AMD GPUs
1.0.0 395 KB

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