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DC-DC Switching Converters

ST’s monolithic switching regulators offer input-voltage capability up to 55 V, deliver output currents up to 4 A, with high switching frequency.
This broad portfolio of ICs is composed of highly-specialized products to meet every market requirement: HV technology, together with high reliability and robustness for industrial and automotive applications, compactness, high efficiency at any load and a high level of performance for consumer and computer products.

These devices embed a full set of protection functions (overcurrent, overvoltage, over-temperature) to increase the MTBF and reduce the number of external components.

There are multiple package options, all offering compactness and high thermal performances to fit different applications.


Large selection of step-down DC-DC regulators with synchronous rectification

In the quest for higher efficiency and compact form factor in their DC-DC supply designs, engineers now have few more allies: the L6985F, L6986F and L6986 step-downs DC-DC regulators with synchronous rectification for and output current of 0.5A, 1,5A and 2A respectively.

Based on a peak current mode architecture with a P-channel power MOSFET, they provide a selectable low-consumption-mode (LCM burst mode), when efficiency at all load conditions is paramount, and low-noise-mode (LNM with fixed PWM switching frequency) for noise-sensitive designs.

They all feature:

-  4 V to 38 V input voltage (VIN ) and output voltage adjustable from 0.85 V up-to VIN

-  Quiescent current as low as 30 μA at light load and 8 μA at shut down

-  Adjustable switching frequency (up to 2 MHz)

-  Embedded output voltage supervisor, synchronization and output voltage sequencing

-  On-chip current limiting, over-voltage protection, thermal shutdown and adjustable soft-start time