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Cool bypass switch for photovoltaic applications

The SPV1001N is a system-in-package solution for photovoltaic applications to perform cool bypass rectification similar to that of a conventional Schottky diode but with much lower forward voltage drop and reverse leakage current.

The device consists of a power MOSFET transistor which charges a capacitor during the OFF time, and drives its gate during the ON time using the charge previously stored in the capacitor.

The ON and OFF times are set to reduce the average voltage drop across the drain and source terminals, resulting in reduced power dissipation.

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Key Features

  • SPV1001N30 IF=12.5 A, VR=30 V
  • SPV1001N40 IF=12.5 A, VR=40 V
  • Very low forward voltage drop
  • Very low reverse leakage current
  • 150 °C operating junction temperature

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Product Specifications

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DS7264: Cool bypass switch for photovoltaic applications
2.0 206 KB

Application Notes

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AN3392: Designing with the SPV1020, an interleaved boost converter with MPPT algorithm
1.0 5,700 KB
AN4217: Designing the SPV1020 with serial and parallel output configurations
1.0 2,480 KB

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ST products and solutions for solar energy
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Related Tools and Software

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STEVAL-ISV009V1 300 W photovoltaic converter demonstration board based on the SPV1020

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1.0.0 419 KB

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