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PowerSPIN Three Phase Motor Driver ICs

ST’s powerSPIN series includes a complete set of dual H-bridge drivers so you may simultaneously drive two single-phase BLDC motors or, paralleling the outputs of the power stages, drive a single motor with a higher current rating. All devices integrate a power stage array and gate drivers with benefits in terms of footprint and cost reduction. 

There are two options for the power stage, one with a current capability of 2.8 A (L620x family) and the other 1.4 A (L622x family). Both are available in four packages (SO, PowerSO, DIP and the more compact QFN) to meet all assembly and power handling requirements.

The robustness of motor control architectures based on powerSPIN devices is ensured by a complete set of protection features embedded in each driver. These include cross conduction protection, thermal shutdown, undervoltage lock out and non-dissipative overcurrent protection (which eliminates the need for an external shunt resistor).

powerSPIN devices are supported with the practiSPIN ecosystem , that allows real-time evaluation of the entire motion-control system, including first-cut thermal analysis.  The ecosystem consists of an EVAL62xx demo board, specific for each driver, the EVALPRACTISPIN interface board and the PRACTISPIN  software.

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