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PowerSPIN Stepper Motor Driver ICs

ST’s powerSPIN series includes a complete set of dual H-bridge drivers for stepper motors. All devices integrate the power stage array and gate driver in a single chip, with benefits in terms of footprint and cost reduction. Some devices also integrate the PWM current controller and the control logic generating the sequences that perform the full-step and half-step driving using step-clock and direction inputs.

There are two options for the power stage, one with a current capability of 2.8 A (L6235 and L6234) and the other 1.4 A (L6229 and L6230). Both are available in different packages, including the compact QFN, to meet all assembly and power handling requirements.

The robustness of motor-control architectures based on powerSPIN devices is ensured by a complete set of protection features embedded in each driver. These include cross conduction protection, thermal shutdown, undervoltage lock out and non-dissipative overcurrent protection (which eliminates the need for an external shunt resistor).

powerSPIN devices are supported with the practiSPIN ecosystem , that allows real-time evaluation of the entire motion-control system, including first-cut thermal analysis.  The ecosystem consists of an EVAL62xx demo board, specific for each driver, the EVALPRACTISPIN interface board and the PRACTISPIN software.

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