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dSPIN Microstepping Driver ICs

ST’s dSPIN motor drivers combine fully-digital motion control with a low RDS(on) power stage with high current capability (3 A for each H-bridge). There is no need for a dedicated MCU to perform speed profile and positioning calculations. The digital-control core communicates with the host MCU through a fast SPI interface, with daisy-chain capability, facilitating the implementation of cost-effective solutions in multi-motor applications.

The innovative voltage-mode driving implemented by the L6470 results in a position resolution of up to 128 microsteps and smoother motion. Reduced noise and vibration at low speed make the overall application much simpler and lighter.

The advanced current control of the L6472 motor driver provides a cost-effective solution, offers a resolution of up to 16 microsteps and reduces the current ripple through auto-adaptive decay. No shunt resistors are required to sense the phase currents; current control is implemented using an integrated non-dissipative current sensing.

dSPIN devices integrate a full set of protection features that guarantee high robustness as required by the most demanding industrial applications.

Key benefits of dSPIN:

  • Fully-digital motion control to allow the user to set a variety of features: target speed, acceleration/ deceleration, absolute and relative position; with the integrated motion engine and SPI interface, no need for an external microcontroller or DSP
  • The innovative voltage-mode control (available on the L6470) featuring 128 microsteps per step, the best motion resolution ever reached in monolithic stepper motor drivers, providing smoothness of motion like never before
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