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Bluetooth Modules

ST’s latest micro-sized Blue Module series offers a fast, flexible and affordable Bluetooth solution on a highly reliable platform based on the most advanced Bluetooth technology. Modules, optimized in terms of performances and costs, support the latest Bluetooth Classic specification V3.0 (Seattle) and are compatible with previous V2.1 + EDR (Lisbon).

The Bluetooth stack is embedded in ST’s Blue Modules with the profiles and a user-friendly application that ensures a simple and effective way to use the modules via AT commands. The AT command set is a powerful application embedded in the Blue Modules and implements a user-friendly interface. 

The AT2 FW version enables communication with Android, smartphones and most Bluetooth enabled devices that support the serial port profile, including the Apple iOS Bluetooth enabled devices. The external Apple authentication coprocessor and MFI certification are required.

The modules are fully qualified, listed on the SIG website according to EPL (end product listing) rules and RoHS compliant.

Bluetooth modules
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