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Sub 1GHz RF ICs

Based on sub-1 GHz systems, some standards target specific application cases. Such standards guarantee interoperability between nodes from different manufacturers or system providers, but at the same time achieve high protocol efficiency for the dedicated use case. Among others, the Wireless M-Bus is an open standard developed for very power efficient smart metering and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) applications and it is quickly spreading in Europe for gas, water and heat metering.

Sub-1 GHz proprietary solutions are widely used for the wireless connection of nodes in home networks and building automation systems as well as in industrial process applications. Real-time monitoring and control of thousands of nodes enables process optimization, more efficient resource management, prevents breakdowns and saves energy (Smart Factory).

Sub-1 GHz solutions are also used in the implementation of Smart City infrastructures where each wireless node is part of a network. Nodes are monitored and controlled and their data can be used for managing light, parking and traffic systems; saving energy and improving the quality of life. Thanks to the wireless coverage range, the efficiency and flexibility of the sub-1 GHz technology is one of the building blocks for enabling IoT growth, even if it requires an internet gateway for connecting to the IoT. 

SPIRIT1 ultra-low-power sub-GHz RF transceiver

The SPIRIT1 high-performance wireless transceiver boasts an outstanding receiver sensitivity of  120 dBm combined with an unparalleled competitive advantage of extremely low current consumption. This enables SPIRIT1-equipped applications to operate for up to twice the time over existing solutions without the need to replace the batteries. The transceiver also supports advanced technologies such as frequency hopping, auto-acknowledgment and antenna diversity to secure error-free data transmission even in harsh-environmental or challenging-logistical conditions.

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