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Bluetooth Smart / Bluetooth Low Energy

ST’s Bluetooth low-energy ICs are compliant with the latest Bluetooth® 4.0 standard and SIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group) qualified.

Featuring ultra-low power consumption, ST’s solutions are ideal for all Bluetooth Smart accessories, which require fast wireless data transmission with minimal energy consumption to prolong battery life time.

The BlueNRG is an ultra-low-power network processor embedding the whole Bluetooth low-energy master and slave stack. It offers the best-in-class current consumption, an excellent wireless link performance, and an on-chip non-volatile memory that allows an easy and quick upgrade of the firmware, keeping your solution always up-to-date.

The BlueNRG IC features a complete and fully-qualified Bluetooth Smart solution for healthcare, fitness, security and proximity applications. 

Please visit and download iOS or Android application, to be used in conjunction with ST’s BlueNRG evaluation kit (STEVAL-IDB002V1), and then access all sensor’s data directly from your mobile device via the Bluetooth® low energy protocol. 

Bluetooth Low Energy
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