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iNEMO advanced inertial module: 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope and signal processor
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The LSM6DB0 is an advanced low-power high-performance smart sensor system available in a plastic 3x3x1 mm LGA (land grid array) package. The module includes a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and Cortex-M0 core with Flash, SRAM, dual timers, 2 I2C (master/slave), 1 SPI (master/slave) and 1 UART (transmitter/receiver).

The LSM6DB0 has a full-scale acceleration range of ±2/±4/±8 g and an angular rate range of ±245/±500/±2000 dps. The LSM6DB0 has two operating modes in that the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors can be either activated at the same ODR or the accelerometer can be enabled while the gyroscope is in power-down.

The module collects inputs from the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and several other sensors and elaborates/fuses together 9 or 10 axes (iNemo Engine software) which are provided to the main application processor. For example, quaternions achieve the best compromise in terms of power saving for the overall system. The LSM6DB0 is fully compliant with the Android Kitkat OS.

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Key Features

  • Motion sensors:
  • ±2/±4/±8 g full scale
  • ±245/±500/±2000 dps full scale
  • 6-axis eco power mode down to 1.8 mA
  • 3 independent acceleration channels and 3 angular rate channels
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • 20 Kbyte data batching
  • 6-axis and 9-axis quaternions
  • Self-test
  • ECOPACK®, RoHS and “Green” compliant
  • Signal processor:
  • Brain: ARM-based, 32-bit Cortex-M0 core
  • Flash memory and SRAM including a bank with error code correction (ECC)
  • I2C master port
  • I2C slave port
  • SPI master/slave
  • 4-wire UART
  • 11 programmable GPIOs
  • Low-power features
  • 8 x 32-bit dual timers, watchdog timer (WDG), Cortex-M0 system tick (SysTick) timer
  • Standard 4-wire JTAG and 2-wire SWD
  • 80 MHz / 32 kHz RC / up to 80 MHz from single-ended external clock

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Product Specifications

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DS10058: iNEMO advanced inertial module: 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope and signal processor
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Technical Notes & Articles

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TN0018: Surface mounting guidelines for MEMS sensors in an LGA package
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RM0352: Brain smart hub family
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Programming Manual

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PM0222: Brain smart hub family
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Discovery M1 Overview
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MEMS motion sensors
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