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STM32 embedded target for MATLAB and Simulink (RN0087)
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The STM32 Embedded Target enables you to quickly deploy your application models in MATLAB and Simulink to STM32 MCUs.

In a first step, it gives possibility to run Simulink application models on STM32 F4 or STM32F302xBxC/STM32F303xBxC targets, using Processor In the Loop (PIL) configuration and USART communication link.

The process from "C" code generation to programming STM32 F4 or STM32F302xBxC/STM32F303xBxC, is fully automated. Code is built using one of three possible toolchains from Atollic, IAR or Keil.

Code generation report is automatically generated.

Code execution profiling report is automatically generated for PIL execution.

In a second step, STM32 Embedded Target provides a Simulink blockset library containing several STM32 F4 or STM32F302xBxC/STM32F303xBxC peripherals

to set parameters and generate peripherals initialization "C" code.

Finally, generated code can be integrated to existing application or built and downloaded to target.

These capabilities and functionalities are easy to use and are available as soon as STM32F4xx or STM32F30x product folders and subfolders are added to the MATLAB path.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Simulink applications configuration for STM32 microcontrollers.
  • Available for 3 toolchains:
  • Atollic: TrueSTUDIO
  • Keil: ╬╝Vision4
  • Automatic "C" code generation for STM32
  • Processor In the Loop (PIL) with Usart RTioStream
  • Reporting
  • Code generation
  • Code execution profiling
  • STM32 peripherals Simulink library models


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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DB1926: STM32 embedded target for MATLAB and Simulink
2.0 280 KB

Technical Notes & Articles

Description Version Size
TN0072: Software toolchains and STM32 features
2.4 98 KB

Release Notes

Description Version Size
RN0087: STM32 embedded target for MATLAB and Simulink release 3.1
4.0 100 KB

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