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SPC5 Software Development Tools

STMicroelectronics' SPC56 family of 32-bit Power architecture-based microcontrollers are supported by a complete range of software tools. This complete line includes products from ST and third-parties.
It encompasses traditional integrated development environments –IDEs with C/C++ compilers and debuggers from ST or major 3rd-parties.

SPC5-Sudio offers a unmatched solution to build applications easily with SPC56 MCU’s. It's a user friendly integrated development environment with graphic wizards to create applications in a few clicks. It includes a GNU C Compiler (with a 30days fully free trial license) for end to end executable code creation, debug perspective for PLS UDE starter version for ST (128Kbyte free perpetual) ,a configurable low level drivers suite, an open source operating system (Chibios) and a set of test applications already matched with SPC56 family discovery kits and other power devices expansion boards from ST or 3rd parties.

SPC5-Studio is available for free download.