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High-efficiency switching LED driver demonstration board for high-current LEDs based on L6726A

Rapid advances in LED technology has led to increases in their output current capabilities in recent years. 0.350 A LEDs, for example, were soon followed by 0.7 A LEDs, and then 1 A devices appeared shortly thereafter. Currently, LEDs with currents as high as several amps are present on the market. However, these high currents increase the requirements of the driving circuitry of the LEDs, particularly in terms of efficiency.

The STEVAL-ILL023V1 demonstration board is based on the L6726A single phase PWM controller, with two external MOSFETS for synchronous rectification. Designed for 2.8 A LEDs (1-3 in a series string), the main benefit of the solution is its exceptional efficiency. Ease of dimming and scalability to even higher currents are additional advantages of the design.

The solution is also much safer with regard to border conditions, since the current limit is based solely on the selection of the MOSFETS.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Input voltage Vin: 8 V to 18 V
  • Output voltage (with Vin = 18 V): 2.5 V to 14 V
  • Output current ILED: 1 A / 1.5 A / 2.8 A
  • Analog dimming (with ILED= 0 A): 0 V to 2.5 V
  • Low level PWM signal: 0 V
  • High level PWM signal: 2.8 V to 3.8 V (typ: 3.3 V)
  • Duty cycle (at fdim = 200 Hz): 0% to 99 %
  • Efficiency (with Vin = 18 V and Vout = 12.6 V): 94.8 %


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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DS6114: Demonstration board: high-efficiency switching LED driver for high-current LEDs based on the L6726A
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User Manual

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UM0677: High-efficiency switching LED driver for high-current LEDs
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Board Manufacturing Specification

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Gerber files for STEVAL-ILL023V1 board
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Bill of Materials

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BOM for STEVAL-ILL023V1 board
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Schematic Pack

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Board schematics for STEVAL-ILL023V1 board
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