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Plug-in hardware module for the STM8S-DISCOVERY interface for DALI communication
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The STEVAL-ILM001V1 is a plug-in module for the STM8S-DISCOVERY kit and SW DALI library, to create a fully working DALI slave application. The STM8S-DISCOVERY + STEVAL-ILM001V1 work as a DALI slave device and can be connected to and controlled by any DALI network.

The LD1 on the STM8S-DISCOVERY kit is used as a light source. Its brightness, fade-in/out times, etc., as defined by the DALI standard, can be controlled through DALI to simulate a normal lamp behavior.

The DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) standard is a communication protocol widely used in intelligent lighting applications. Its use is not limited to fluorescent tube lamp dimmable ballasts, for which it was initially designed, but also for future LED applications.

The user is expected to be familiar with the DALI standard and its details.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Level translation from DALI voltage levels (-6.5 to 22.5 V) to microcontroller levels (3.3 V / 5 V logic)
  • Proper rise/fall times for the communication
  • Current consumption limit (2 mA max.)
  • Overvoltage protection for misconnection of rated mains voltage to DALI DA connectors
  • RoHS compliant


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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DB1210: Plug-in hardware module for the STM8S-DISCOVERY interface for DALI communication
1.1 84 KB

User Manual

Description Version Size
UM1032: STEVAL-ILM001V1 hardware module for the STM8S-DISCOVERY interface for DALI communication
1.0 439 KB
UM1629: STM32L1xx DALI slave interface
1.0 1,104 KB
UM1632: STM8L DALI slave interface
1.0 2,196 KB
UM1728: STM32F1xx DALI slave interface
1.0 1,914 KB

Hardware Resources

Board Manufacturing Specification

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Gerber files for STEVAL-ILM001V1 board
1.0.0 21 KB

Bill of Materials

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1.0.0 8 KB

Schematic Pack

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Board schematics for STEVAL-ILM001V1 board
1.0.0 31 KB

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