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iNEMO engine lite sensor fusion algorithm evaluation source code for iNEMO-M1
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The iNEMO engine is a new, advanced software engine that fuses accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data to deliver accurate and reliable motion-sensing information that is easy to integrate into smart consumer devices.

The iNEMOEng_M1LI3 sensor fusion evaluation firmware comes with the iNEMO engine. The library can be easily ported to other STM32 hardware platforms.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Motion tracking accuracy
  • Reliable compass heading for accurate navigation
  • 7-state extended Kalman filter
  • Source code for STM32F103 microcontrollers embedded in iNEMO-M1
  • Outputs:
  • Quaternions
  • Heading, pitch, and roll
  • Max ODR of 50 Hz
  • System requirements:
  • 11 Kbyte Flash memory
  • 6 Kbyte RAM (dynamically allocated)

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DB2197: iNEMO engine lite sensor fusion algorithm evaluation source code for iNEMO-M1
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Discovery M1 Overview
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