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Sense & Power and Automotive Products


Sense & Power is our way of defining the boundaries of ST’s wide analog products portfolio. It is a simple indication that our analog products can be used to design any system requiring semiconductors from sensors, signal channel devices, output power stages –discrete and/or integrated, as well as the complete power management blocks.
Complemented by a comprehensive collection of modern microcontrollers, the Sense & Power analog devices can fulfill the needs of any design.


ST has been historically one of the leading suppliers and innovators in the domain of semiconductor devices dedicated to automotive applications. With a portfolio spanning from complex power train microcontrollers, audio and infotainment devices and body and convenience dedicated and standard functions, ST continues to maintain the leading edge position and focus. The products designed and manufactured specifically for automotive applications are complemented by a large range of “automotive grade” products, both tested and guaranteed to perform under the stringent automotive environmental conditions.