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    Demonstration board for single op-amps in SC70 or SOT-23 packages

    The STEVAL-CCA022V1 demonstration board is designed to help characterize single operational amplifiers in SOT23-5 (two different pinouts) and SC70-5 packages.

    Operational amplifiers in SOT23-6 and SC70-6 packages can also be characterized but their standby pin is not usable because it is connected to VCC + on the board.

    The STEVAL-CCA022V1 allows to characterize, among the others, the following op-amps (not included in the package): TS507, TSV621, TSV631, TSV911, TSV991, TS1851, TS1871, TS931, TS941, TS951, TS971, TS321.

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    High-side current-sense amplifier demonstration board based on the TSC102

    The STEVAL-ISQ010V1 demonstration board is specifically designed for the TSC102 device.

    The TSC102 measures a very small voltage drop on a high-side shunt resistor and, using an internally fixed gain, amplifies the difference into a ground-referenced output voltage. The amplification gain is internally fixed. The device is housed in a tiny TSSOP8 package.

    Input common-mode and power supply voltages are independent. The common-mode voltage can range from 2.8 V to 30 V during operation. Under absolute maximum rating conditions, the Vp and Vm pins can sustain as much as 60 V to handle events like load-dump conditions, and as low as -16 V to deal with reverse battery conditions.

    The supply voltage can range from 3.5 V to 5.5 V, therefore the TSC102 can be supplied by the same voltage regulator used for digital circuits.

    Current consumption is less than 450 μA over the temperature range, and low input bias current is less than 7 μA in standard conditions.

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    Low side current sensing based on TS507

    Current sensing is very useful for protecting applications. The STEVAL-ISQ013V1 demonstration board implements a low-side current sensing which consists in placing a sense resistor between the load and the circuit ground and the resulting voltage drop is amplified using a TS507 op amp.

    The common mode voltage is close to ground, whatever the voltage of the power source, so the current sense voltage can be amplified by this low voltage op amp without any restrictions.

    The circuit offers very stable electrical characteristics over the entire supply voltage range and is particularly intended for automotive and industrial applications.

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