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SPC56 Automotive MCU Training

SPC56 32-bit automotive MCU training

The new SPC56 family of 32-bit automotive MCUs is built on Power Architecture® technology with a wide set of specific features to design optimized automotive and safety-critical applications.

Attend a Microconsult training and walk away with in-depth technical knowledge of the SPC56 family!


To register for this training, please fill out the MicroConsult registration form available via the link below, and fax or email it back to them once completed.

MicroConsult Registration

Event Details

The 5-day course covers the 32-bit Power Architecture® core of ST's SPC56 family of automotive MCUs, as well as the on-chip peripherals (basic and special peripheral modules) and features of this MCU family. During the course, you will learn to program low-level drivers for the hardware and test them with a debugger, as well as learn to generate routines for DMA, interrupts and exceptions.

This 5-day training course is run by MicroConsult, and we strongly advise that you also check the date and time details on the MicroConsult website.

Duration: 5 days

Daily schedule:

  • Day 1             09:30 - 17:30
  • Days 2-4       08:30 - 17:00
  • Day 5             08:30 - 15:00



 15-19 October 2012
 MicroConsult - Germany
 17-21 December 2012
 MicroConsult - Germany
 04-08 March 2013
 MicroConsult - Germany
 13-17 May 2013
 MicroConsult - Germany

All training is conducted in the German language. English spoken training and on-site training are available on request. If the participants of a German-spoken training accept English language, MicroConsult can run a mixed training.

Training minimum/maximum count of trainees: 6-person minimum, maximum 12 persons.


All open training courses take part at MicroConsult GmbH in Munich, unless a different location is indicated for the respective training. For more location information click here.

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