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Get a free STM32 Nucleo at the embedded world 2014


STM32 Nucleo is ST's brand new open development platform for flexible prototyping with STM32 MCUs


The STM32 Nucleo boards open up a new era in ST's development tool strategy. The community enabled STM32 Nucleo give the developer the easiest possible access to the STM32 MCU portfolio.

The boards come with an integrated STLINK/V2-1 debugger that supports a virtual com port and drag-and-drop programming. STM32 Nucleo supports Arduino™ connectivity and the new ST Morpho connector gives access to all the I/Os of the integrated MCUs in 64 pin package. They are supported by IAR, Keil and GCC- based IDEs and getting started is a child's play with the software libraries supplied by ST. The mbed integration gives access to even more community resources. 


STM32 Nucleo main features at a glance


  • Include an STM32 microcontroller in 64pin package
  • Wide extension capabilities with add-on hardware
    • Arduino connectivity support
    • Access to all MCU pins through ST Morpho connectors
  • Flexible power supply via USB or exernal source (3.3V, 5V or 7V - 12V)
  • On-board ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer
    • Debug port
    • Virtual com port
    • Mass storage
  • Free HAL library with many software examples
  • Supported by IAR, Keil, and GCC-based IDEs
  • mbed enabled / access to community resources

At the launch of the new STM32 Nucleo, 4 variants are available, covering the STM32F103, STM32L152, STM32F401 and the STM32F030. More information (documentation, sw) can be found here.


Be one of the first to try out the STM32 Nucleo and register here for getting a free sample at the embedded show 2014.


Registration procedure: in order to get your free STM32 Nucleo board from ST’s booth at embedded world 2014, fill in the form below and submit it. You will receive a personalized voucher to the email address specified in the form. Please show up with the voucher on ST’s booth to claim your discovery kit.