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Functional safety Test Libraries from Yogitech for STM32 ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers families
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The fRSTL_stm32 portfolio of software libraries provides a quick and effective means to detect and flag potentially dangerous failures in STM32 32-bit ARM®Cortex®microcontrollers.

The quality and scope of the diagnostic coverage, together with the associated safety documentation, allow system manufacturers to reach their target safety integrity level with no or limited safety specific hardware mechanisms: SIL2 for single-microcontroller architectures and up to SIL3 for dual-microcontroller architectures.

All fRSTL_stm32 software libraries are developed in strict accordance with the IEC 61508 2nd edition, and can be integrated in systems targeting other safety standards (e.g., ISO 26262). This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For complete and latest information on the specification and the purchased parts package, refer to the third party website.

Key Features

  • The diagnostic coverage and its development process (systematic capability) are compliant with the IEC 61508 2nd edition.
  • The Software Test Libraries are developed and validated according to YOGITECH’s fRMethodology. This is a patented white-box approach which performs functional safety analyses and safety-oriented design exploration of integrated circuits.
  • The Software Test Libraries are optimized in code size and run-time for real-time operations.
  • The diagnostic coverage and conditions of use are not tied to any specific application.
  • The Software Test Libraries are composed by a number of independent test segments that user can selectively run according to specific needs.
  • The Software Test Libraries are available for each STM32 series


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