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ECG Analog Front End

ST's ECG Analog Front End (AFE) are highly integrated diagnostic-quality bio-potential acquisition ICs with several options from 1 up to 3 differential channels and with or without impedance channel.

The ECG Analog Front End includes fully integrated and user configurable high and low pass filters, impedance channel, digital pace maker detection circuitry, lead off check and dedicated drivers. The impedance channel embeds digital IQ modulation/demodulation allows measuring constant and variable components of the body impedance measurement.

In order to build a system supporting more than 3 bio potential channels, ST's ECG AFE can also be used in a multiple chip configuration thus supporting up to 16 channels simultaneous sampling (12 bio potential acquisitions and 4 bio-impedance channels).

The SPI interface easily allows exchanging data with both, microcontroller and other ST’s ECG AFE devices.

Full configurability and low power, low noise design techniques make it attractive for many applications, including battery-powered devices.

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