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AMICO 8 Channel Pre Diagnosis Device

The device has integrated several functions which save job load of the microcontroller and save necessary connections to the microcontroller. It’s possible to connect analog and digital high side drivers (HSD) to the device and control them via SPI interface. A synchronous detailed diagnostics feature is integrated.

The device has 8 outputs to the HSD with the possibility to be driven either by steady state ON/OFF mode or by PWM. Two clock inputs used as base frequency to generate the PWM signal internally are provided. The outputs are fully independent and can also be driven with phase shift to improve characteristics of power net during the inrush phase. The device has 8 current sense (CS)/status (ST) pins connected to the HSD to run diagnostics. The index of ST/CS pin corresponds to the input connected to the same HSD channel (ST0/CS0 with OUT0, ST1/CS1 with OUT1 ...).

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Key Features

  • 8 channel VIPower driver and diagnostics device
  • Supports analog and digital VIPower status readback
  • 8 independent PWM channels
  • Selectable PWM base clock (2 external, one internal)
  • Programmable PWM turn on phase shift
  • Programmable diagnostic thresholds (analog VIPower)
  • Programmable over temperature latch off for enhanced HSD short circuit reliability
  • Limp home safety mode
  • ST-SPI interface protocol for data communication
  • External enable pin for low power mode
  • Detailed and filtered diagnostic for each channel
  • Direct multiplexed VIPower status / current sense feedback
  • Supply voltage 3.3 or 5.0 V (two pins)

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Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DS6340: SPI control diagnosis interface device for VIPowerâ„¢ M0-5 and M0-5E high side drivers
4.0 764 KB

Technical Notes & Articles

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TN0897: ST SPI protocol
2.1 447 KB

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