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Our ambition is to create high-quality, innovative, eco-designed products that are designed to save energy, safeguard health and safety, enable the development of new environmental technologies and above all improve the quality of life of end-users.

We live in a world where electronics applications are becoming increasingly pervasive and are an integral part of everyday life. Through our global presence and extensive product portfolio we are able to help make a significant positive difference to many people around the world. Our role is not only to make electronics more intelligent through the development of innovative products and solutions which help our customers to become more competitive, but also to ensure that our products are socially and environmental responsible throughout their life-cycle.

Our product pillar of ST Sustainability strategy

The following priorities are managed by various departments under our product pillar:

BulletCustomer satisfaction;
BulletInnovation management;
BulletSustainable Technology;
BulletConflict-free minerals.

Our approach to managing these priorities is described in several key documents including ST Quality Manuals which set out ST’s quality management systems and roles and responsibilities, ST Sales and Customer Relationship Management process detailing how customer satisfaction is managed within the company, and specifications on subjects such as ST Ecopack® program (as part of Sustainable Technology).

Our products commitments

Published mid- and long-term commitments relating to our products can be found in the following three sources:

BulletST Quality strategy, managed by ST’s Product Quality Excellence department, references commitments related to customer satisfaction and products.
BulletST EHS Decalogue, managed by ST’s Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety Group sets out commitments related to Sustainable Technology.
BulletST Sustainability strategy, defines commitments related to all four of our products’ priorities. For more information on the detail of this strategy, please view our Sustainability strategy and sustainability governance pages.

Corporate annual Priorities focusing on specific short-term goals are set by ST’s senior management and are cascaded to departments to achieve alongside longer term product objectives.



The product pillar is managed by several departments, but as Customer Satisfaction, Innovation and Products are central components of ST’s business strategy and success they are closely overseen and monitored by ST’s senior level management.
ST’s President and CEO, Carlo Bozotti, chairs quarterly Staff Meetings that involve ST Executive Officers. They meet to review the business in its entirety and to plan and forecast for the next quarter and beyond. ST’s Executive Officers of Sales and Marketing departments (four), Product Groups (seven) and Manufacturing & Technology R&D (six) are present during these meetings.
ST Corporate Strategic Committee, which meets six times per year, sets corporate policy, coordinates strategies of our various functions and drives major cross functional programs. The Corporate Strategic Committee meetings are attended by the CEO, and eight senior executive officers, including: Orio Bellezza, Executive Vice President General Manager, Front-end Manufacturing & Technology R&D, IMS & APG; Jean-Marc Chery, Executive Vice President, Chief Manufacturing &Technology Officer, General Manager Digital Sector; Paul Grimme, Executive Vice President General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Carmelo Papa, Executive Vice President General Manager, Industrial & Multi-segment Sector. 
Each department then has its own governance structure.
Customer satisfaction is a company-wide objective but one which is a particular focus for ST’s Sales and Marketing, Technology R&D and Manufacturing and Product Groups departments. 
Innovation at ST relates to both products and manufacturing processes and is therefore managed by ST’s Technology R&D and Manufacturing departments and Product Groups, through technology R&D and design centers. For more information, see ST company presentation.
Sustainable Technology is a recent program addition that involves many departments throughout ST, including Product Groups, Quality, Corporate Environmental Health and Safety, Information and Communication Technology, Corporate External and Internal Communications, Sales Regions and Marketing. This program consists of three main elements:
BulletSTAR Innovative Responsible Products. 
ST’s Corporate Environmental, Health and Safety Group coordinates this new initiative and organizes quarterly meetings with relevant parties to design and review company strategy, objectives, implementation, communication and awareness raising.
Commitments relating to conflict-free minerals are jointly overseen by supply chain management departments and by the Corporate Social Responsibility Group. Our approach is aligned with the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and Global e-Sustainability Initiative’s (GeSI) conflict-free minerals programs. 
For more information, please read our Statement on Conflict Minerals.
Our product Sustainability strategy priorities
Customer SatisfactionInnovation management
ST is committed to ensuring its products meet customer expectations, including service, timely delivery and appropriate management of quality.
ST is committed to ensuring a healthy internal generation of invention resulting in product and system innovations which when combined with partners’ and customers’ technology, have the potential to offer people better, longer and more enjoyable lives, whilst helping to fuel ST’s business growth.
Sustainable TechnologyConflict-free Minerals
ST’s Sustainable Technology program consists of three main elements: Compliance, Eco-design and STAR Innovative Responsible Products. This single framework consolidates all of the different ways we strive to reduce the impact of our products on the environment and improve the quality of life of the end-user.

ST is committed to ensuring compliance with legislation and alignment with customer requirements that relate to conflict minerals, avoiding procurement of 3TG metals that are directly or indirectly associated with serious human rights violations or environmental damage in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring countries.


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