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Recruitment, Learning & Development

ST provides employees with lifelong learning opportunities to enable ongoing professional development and career evolution.


Delphine Segura, EPSS (Embedded Processing Solutions Segment) Human Resources and Organization Development

"The development of our people is one of the key factors in helping ST maintain a competitive advantage. To respond  to business needs and to ensure long-term organizational success, we boost employees' engagement and performance through a visible leadership culture and by providing career opportunities and continuous learning. We drive departmental efficiency to help them become more agile, entrepreneurial and driven toward achieving outstanding results. Our end objective is to ensure ST people have their "life augmented".

Our People strategy aims to diffuse our leadership values, boost performance and develop all talents, enabling career development and positioning learning to match ST’s business needs. 
In line with these business needs and corporate annual priorities, our People strategy focuses on: 
Empowering employees to provide effective leadership;
Managing performance;
Boosting careers at ST;
Providing powerful learning opportunities.
Read more on our Career Development at ST page.
  • Internal mobility: increase the percentage of open positions for exempts filled by internal candidates by 5% per year, with a long-term target of 60%. 
  • Learning: ensure that more than 60% of employees have followed at least 8-hrs training in the year on ST’s key learning priorities: S&M, R&D, Supply Chain, and Quality.
  • Development: ensure that 100% of ST exempts have their potential assessed every two years (people review process). 


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