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この製品は、TOF(time of flight)技術によるST製品群の先駆けとなるものです。STは、標準化かつ熟成された自社製画像プロセスと自社製大容量パッケージング・ソリューションを使用して、この複雑な技術の製品化に成功しました。その結果、この先進技術は競争力のあるシステム・コスト、非常に小さなパッケージ・フットプリント、および低消費電力により、幅広いコンスーマ・アプリケーションに最適なものとなっています。TOFは、その最初の製品で対象物の表面状態に依存しない正確な近接検知が可能であることを証明し、多彩な用途の可能性を切り開いています。

Time-of-flight 3-in-1 module with proximity sensor, gesture and ambient light sensing

A complete development eco-system is available for evaluating the VL6180X, the first fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor based on FlightSense™, ST’s patented time-of-flight technology.

You can even connect up to three additional external small PCBs, VL6180X-SATEL satellites, to these expansion boards in order to integrate the VL6180X proximity sensors directly into your devices.

These evaluation kits will let you become familiar with the features and performance of the VL6180X and start developing your own applications.

The Nucleo evaluation packs can be used stand-alone, just with an USB connection for power supply, or can be connected to a PC, using an advanced GUI.

A complete firmware package (X-CUBE-6180XA1) is available and includes binary code to flash the STM32 Nucleo boards and source code examples compliant with STM32Cube embedded software.

Another more advanced evaluation kit is available, EVAL-VL6180X, including a glass cover and various spacers, as well as a calibration target, in order to test various glass materials for integration in the final product.

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