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The STM32F427/437 are designed for medical, industrial and consumer applications where the high level of integration and performance, embedded memories and peripherals inside packages as small as 10 x 10 mm are required.

Superior and innovative peripherals:

Ethernet MAC10/100 with IEEE 1588 v2 support and an 8- to 14-bit parallel camera interface to connect a CMOS camera sensor
2 USB OTG (one with HS support)
Audio: dedicated audio PLL and 2 full duplex I²S
Up to 20 communication interfaces, including 4x USARTs + 4x UARTs at up to 10.5 Mbit/s, 6x SPI at up to 37.5 Mbit/s, 3x I²C with a new optional digital filter capability, 2x CAN, SDIO
Analog: two 12-bit DACs, three 12-bit ADCs reaching 2.4 MSPS or 7.2 MSPS in interleaved mode
Up to 17 timers: 16- and 32-bit at up to 168 MHz
You can easily extend the memory range using the flexible static memory controller supporting Compact Flash, SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND memories.

The STM32F437 also integrates a crypto/hash processor providing hardware acceleration for AES-128, -192, -256, with now GCM and CCM support, Triple DES, and hash (MD5, SHA-1, and now SHA-2), in addition to the analog true random number generator featured on all STM32F4 devices.

The STM32F427/437 devices provide from 1 to 2 Mbytes of Flash and 256 Kbytes of SRAM and from 100- to 176-pin packages. With such memory integration, need for external memory is reduced, allowing smaller, safer and low-emission PCB designs.
STM32F427/437 line
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