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STは、ブレークダウン電圧が-20~-60V、ドレイン電流が2~80A、 オン抵抗が最小18mΩのPチャネル・デバイスを提供しています。これらはすべて、D2PAK、IPAK、SO8、SOT 223、SOT 23、TO 220という 広範な小型パッケージで提供されます。 


P-channel MOSFET portfolio extended with new trench-gate devices

ST has extended its offering of trench-gate p-channel MOSFETs (from -100 V up to -20 V) in order to help simply designs and meet power efficiency targets by using fewer devices in smaller package sizes. The latest devices feature a very low on-state resistance (less than 22.5 mΩ for a -20 V device in the micro-package PowerFLAT 2x2) and figure of merit (FoM).
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