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Class AB automotive audio amplifiers


TDA7802TDA7802は初めて車載用認定を受けたデジタル入力が可能なアイドリング/ストップ車対応アナログ・パワー・アンプです。通常のAB級アンプを用いた設計上の共通性と、周辺部品のコスト削減をデジタル・ストリームの音質とこれまでのアナログ・アンプでは達成でき得なかった高効率を両立しました。標準的なAB級アンプより電力損失を最大50 %低減し、アイドリング・ストップ・システムの車とハイブリッド車に対する自動車メーカーの消費電力低減要求を満足させます。TDA7802は、診断機能を内蔵した4チャネル・パワー・アンプです。

STPA003 brings true sound quality in your car

STPA003 is a new automotive-grade class AB analog input power amplifier of the STPA family designed to improve car audio listening experience with a minimum effort for the car maker. With its 4 channels able to deliver a maximum power of 52W each, the possibility to drive load as low as 2 ohm and to operate from 6V to 18V without popping or interruption, compatible with start-stop and hybrid vehicles, this amplifier finds its way into every modern infotainment system. The particular smart power BCD6sA technology, specifically designed for audio performance, brings the sound quality to a level never seen in analog power amplifiers. No more worries about connectivity with mobile devices, since the great architecture of the product helps to get excellent immunity against interferences coming from mobile devices (the so called “GSM effect”) with no needs for input filtering (capacitors, inductors). The radio maker can further save components and space on the board since all features are integrated and STPA003 offers extreme robustness against misconnections.
The product is available in Flexiwatt25 and Flexiwatt27 packages.
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