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ST’s STPTIC devices form a series of tunable RF capacitors. These tunable capacitors are intended for use in mobile phone applications, dedicated to RF tunable applications.

ST’s STPTIC series features standard capacitor values ranging from 2.7 pF to 8.2 pF. These tunable capacitances are controlled through a bias voltage ranging from 2 to 20 V, with a tuning ratio of 3.5 to 1.

ST’s tunable capacitors are available in flip-chip and micro QFN packages.

ST takes up the challenge of a 5 to 1 tuning ratio with its STPTIC G2 series

ST’s new generation of STPTIC tunable capacitors extends the range – with the new G2 series – with a typical capacitance range, starting from 1.5 pF now, to 8.2 pF. These ‘G2’ tunable capacitors are now controlled through an extended bias voltage range – from 1 to 24 V – with a tuning ratio of 5 to 1.
They are housed in a 4-bump 0.4-mm-pitch flip-chip package and are initially available as evaluation samples in 1.5pF (nom) STPTIC-15G2, 3.9pF (nom) STPTIC-39G2 and 6.8 pF (nom) STPTIC-68G2 versions.

The STPTIC capacitors are controlled using a bias voltage from 1V to 24V, such as ST’s STHVDAC-253M controller, designed specifically to deliver the wide-tuning bias-voltage required. The controller provides three outputs to control STPTICs for multiple antennas and connects to the smartphone host system via an industry-standard RF Front-End (RFFE) interface.

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