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3+1 dual controller for VR12 with PMBus
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The L6759D is a dual controller designed to power Intel’s VR12 processor memories: all required parameters are programmable through dedicated pin-strapping and PMBus interface.

The device features 3-phase programmable operation for the multi-phase section and a single-phase with independent control loops. Single-phase (VTT) reference is always tracking multi-phases (VDDQ) scaled by a factor of 2.

The L6759D supports power state transitions featuring VFDE, programmable DPM and GDC maintaining the best efficiency over all loading conditions without compromising transient response.

The device assures fast and independent protection against load overcurrent, under/overvoltage and feedback disconnections.

The device is available in a VFQFPN48 6x6 mm package.

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Key Features

  • VR12 compliant with 25 MHz SVID bus Rev1.5
  • SerialVID with programmable IMAX, TMAX, VBOOT, ADDRESS
  • Second generation LTB Technology™
  • Flexible driver/DrMOS support
  • JMode support
  • Fully configurable through PMBus
  • Dual controller:
  • 3-phase for VDDQ
  • 1-phase for VTT
  • Single NTC design for TM, LL and Imon thermal compensation
  • VFDE and GDC - gate drive control for efficiency optimization
  • DPM - dynamic phase management
  • Dual remote sense
  • 0.5% output voltage accuracy
  • Full-differential current sense across DCR
  • AVP - adaptive voltage positioning
  • Dual independent adjustable oscillator
  • Dual current monitor
  • Pre-biased output management
  • Average and per-phase OC protection
  • OV, UV and FB disconnection protection
  • Dual VR_RDY
  • VFQFPN48 6x6 mm package



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Product Specifications

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DS9060: 3+1 dual controller for VR12 with PMBus
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