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PWM-dimmable single channel LED driver with integrated boost controller
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The LED6001 device is a LED driver that combines a boost controller and a high-side current sensing circuitry optimized for driving one string of high-brightness LEDs. The device is compatible with multiple topologies such as boost, SEPIC and floating load buck-boost. The brightness of the LEDs can be controlled through PWM dimming and analog dimming (10:1 ratio) by means of two independent pins. Enhanced PWM dimming can be obtained thanks to a MOSFET in series with the LED string and directly driven by a dedicated pin.

The high-side current sensing, in combination with a P-channel MOSFET, provides an effective protection in case the positive terminal of the LED string is shorted to ground. The high precision current sensing circuitry allows a LED current regulation reference within ± 4% accuracy over the whole temperature range and production spread.

A fault output (open-drain) informs the host system about faulty conditions: device overtemperature, output overvoltage (disconnected LED string) and LED overcurrent.

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Key Features

  • Switching controller section
  • 5.5 V to 36 V input voltage range
  • Very low shutdown current: ISHDN< 10 μA
  • Internal +5 V LDO for gate driver supply
  • Internal +3.3 V LDO for device supply
  • Fixed frequency peak current mode control
  • Adjustable (100 kHz to 1 MHz) switching frequency
  • External synchronization for multi-device applications
  • High performance external MOSFET driver
  • Cycle-by-cycle external MOSFET OCP
  • Fixed internal soft-start
  • Programmable output OVP
  • Boost, buck-boost and SEPIC topologies supported
  • Thermal shutdown with autorestart
  • Output short-circuit detection
  • LED control section
  • Up to 60 V output voltage
  • Constant current control loop
  • High-side output current sensing circuitry
  • 30 to 300 mV differential sensing voltage
  • ±4% output current reference accuracy
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Sensing resistor failure protection
  • PWM dimming with auxiliary series switch
  • Analog dimming



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Product Specifications

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DS10047: PWM-dimmable single channel LED driver with integrated boost controller
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製品型名 Description
STEVAL-ILL049V1 LED driver based on the LED6001

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