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Meters and More standard compliant power line communication system system-on-chip
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The STarGRID®SoC ST75MM device is a flexible power line communication system-on-chip combining a high performing PHY processor and a protocol controller core implementing the turnkey METERS AND MORE protocol along with the fully integrated “Analog Front-End” (AFE) and line driver in a single chip, for future-proof, compact and cost effective advanced metering infrastructure solutions.

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Key Features

  • METERS AND MORE protocol stack compliant power line communication system-on-chip
  • High-performing, configurable DSP core for flexible PHY layer processing
  • Very robust B-PSK modulation with convolutional coding and Viterbi decoding compliant with METERS AND MORE specifications with 4.8 kbps baud rate
  • Optional high speed modes with Q-PSK and 8-PSK modulations for increased baud rates up to 28.8 kbps
  • Optional dual channel operation mode
  • Optional peak noise avoidance algorithm mode
  • Signal to noise ratio channel estimation
  • 8-bit protocol engine embedding turnkey METERS AND MORE compliant data link layer
  • Up to 57.6 kbps host controller UART interface
  • Embedded AES-128 encryption engine for data authentication and confidentiality services
  • Fully integrated analog front-end
  • ADC and DAC
  • Digital transmission level control
  • PGA with automatic gain control
  • High sensitivity receiver
  • Fully integrated single-ended power amplifier for line driving
  • Up to 1 A RMS 14 V p-p output
  • Configurable active filtering topology
  • Very high linearity
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Current control feature
  • 8 to 18 V power amplifier supply
  • 3.3 V or 5 V digital I/O supply
  • Embedded zero crossing detection for line phase recognition
  • Suitable for CENELEC EN50065, ARIB and FCC part 15 compliant applications
  • Communication carrier frequency programmable up to 250 kHz
  • VFQFPN48 7 x 7 exposed pad package
  • -40 °C to +85 °C temperature range



Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

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DB1980: METERS AND MORE compliant power line communication system-on-chip
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Publications and Collaterals


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STM32-PLC Smart meter solution
1,194 KB
STarGRID power-line flyer
766 KB

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