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ST's tools for evaluation of the STM32, range from highly affordable community enabled tools up to fully equipped boards, ready for evaluation of every single feature of the selected MCU. All ST evaluation boards include an ST-LINK/V2 in-circuit debugger/programmer.

STM32 Nucleo boards follow a lean approach and are ideal for prototyping and community usage. An Arduino™connector and the ST Morpho connector make an extension with application related add-on hardware easy. All I/Os of the MCU are easily accessible, the boards come with a HAL library and work with IAR, Keil, CCC based IDEs as well as the mbed™ online IDE.

STM32 Discovery kits are a cheap and complete approach for evaluation of the outstanding capabilities of STM32 MCUs. They carry the necessary components, like MEMS microphones, sensors, LCD displays) for demonstration of specific device features. Evaluation and prototyping are facilitated by a HAL library and software examples, IAR, Keil and CCC based IDEs are supported.

STM32 Eval boards, the high end evaluation platform, carry all the required external hardware necessary for using the complete features set of an STM32 Microcontroller. STM32 Eval boards give access to all the pins of the contained microcontroller, even for bigger packages. The HAL library and ready-to-use software examples make application design very easy.

This comprehensive portfolio of evaluation boards is complemented by a wide choice of STM32 evaluation boards developed by ST’s partners.

Getting started with STM32L4

• Purchase a Nucleo boardDiscovery kit or Evaluation kit for STM32L4 MCUs. 

• Download and install ST’s STM32CubeMX code generator/configurator including the power consumption calculation and the STM32CubeL4 embedded software package, containing HAL and middleware. Start with one of the many examples provided or build your own project.

• Get trained watching the STM32L4 on line training 

STM32F7 hardware tools

STM32F7 hardware tools
The new STM32F7 discovery kit STM32F746G-DISCO offers all the features developers or makers need to create their own final application. While this low-cost development platform will enable many new original products and applications, it also comes pre-loaded with a full set of demo software libraries which benefit from the many features of STM32F7 microcontrollers and can be used as a reference. The fully loaded evaluation boards STM32756G-EVAL2 and STM32746G-EVAL2(with and without a cryptographic accelerator, respectively) are available for developers who want to access the superset features of the STM32F7 series.