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Hitex Performance Stick for STM32 (128KB Flash) Performance and Access Line MCUs

The Hitex STM32-PerformanceStick is a complete, low-cost evaluation and development package that provides a fast and easy introduction to the capabilities of ST’s ARM® Cortex™-M3 core-based STM32 family of microcontrollers. It is specifically designed to help application designers explore STM32 features and performance characteristics (low power modes, clock controls, wake up states, etc.), but can also be connected to extension boards with hardware features for evaluation of device peripherals or development of an application.

The Hitex software toolset for STM32 includes everything developers need to modify and rebuild the sample applications (C sources included) and to develop their own applications using the STM32-PerformanceStick. The software includes HiTOP5, Hitex’s integrated development environment that drives the hardware and offers a full range of project management, source code editing and debugging features from an intuitive graphical interface. For more information about HiTOP5 downloads and updates, refer to the Hitex website.

The software also includes the Altium Tasking VX C compiler for compiling application source files. When using the STM32-PerformanceStick, the compiler has no output code-size limitations.

The DashBoard graphical interface allows users to modify STM32 configuration and view performance information. This is possible thanks to the innovative hardware design of the STM32-PerformanceStick, which retrieves STM32 and peripheral performance information in real time.

The evaluation hardware includes the STM32-PerformanceStick with integrated debugging and programming capability via a dedicated USB interface. An extension I/O board connector provides access to signals on the STM32 pins and allows connection of extension boards with hardware features for peripheral evaluation, or the developer’s own application board. Power supply is provided via a USB connection with the host PC.

An extension I/O board is available for connection to the STM32-PerformanceStick, and provides hardware features such as USB, CAN, USART connectors and IrDA sensor for evaluation of device peripherals. The extension I/O board is provided with the STM32-PerformanceStick in the Hitex STM32 starter kit (ST order code: TM3210B-SK/HIT).

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • HiTOP5 integrated development environment with project manager, editor and high-level language debugging
  • Tasking VX C/C++ compiler, no code size limitations
  • STM32-PerformanceStick with STM32F103B and:In-circuit debugging/programming via dedicated USB connection to the host PCConnector for extension I/O boardsAuxiliary power supply from 3V button battery
  • Optional extension I/O board with features for peripheral evaluation (USB, CAN, USART, IrDA, ...)
  • DashBoard interface for modifying STM32 parameters and viewing performance indicators
  • C source code for all sample applications and libraries including:USB mouseVectored interrupt controller and timerADC and I/OsCAN monitor and generatorSTM32 library from STMicroelectronics




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DB0476: Hitex STM32-PerformanceStick complete tool package for STM32 evaluation and development
1.2 59 KB

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UM0494: STM32 PerformanceStick interconnection board
1.4 92 KB

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