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Monolithic VR for chipset and DDR2/3 demonstration board based on the PM6641 Monolithic VR for Chipset and DDR2/3 Supply for Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) applications
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The STEVAL-ISA050V1 demonstration board is based on the PM6641, that is a monolithic voltage regulator module, with internal Power MOSFET, specifically designed to supply DDR2/3 memory and chipset in ultra-mobile PC and real estate portable systems. It integrates three independent, adjustable, constant frequency buck converters, a ±2 Apk low drop-out (LDO) linear regulator and a ±15 mA low noise buffered reference. Each regulator is provided of basic under voltage (UV) and over voltage (OV) protections, programmable soft-start and current limit, active soft-end and pulse-skipping at light loads.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Switching section0.8 V ±1% voltage reference2.7 V to 5.5 V input voltage rangeFast response, constant frequency, current mode controlThree independent, adjustable, SMPS For DDR2/3 (VDDQ) and chipset supplyS3-S5 states compliant DDR2/3 sectionActive soft-end for all outputsSelectable tracking discharge for VDDQSeparate Power Good signalsPulse skipping at light loadProgrammable current limit and soft-start for all outputsLatched OVP, UVP protectionThermal protection
  • Reference and termination voltages (VTTREF and VTT)±2 Apk LDO for DDR2/3 termination (VTT) with fold backRemote VTT output sensingHigh-Z VTT output in S3±15 mA low noise DDR2/3 buffered reference (VTTREF)




Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DB0743: Monolithic VR for chipset and DDR2/3 demonstration board based on the PM6641
1.1 153 KB

Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN2787: Monolithic VR demonstration board for chipset and DDR2/3 supply for ultramobile PC (UMPC) applications
1.0 2,594 KB

Hardware Resources

Board Manufacturing Specification

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Gerber files for STEVAL-ISA050V1 board
1.0 57 KB

Bill of Materials

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BOM for STEVAL-ISA050V1 board
1.0 58 KB

Schematic Pack

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Board schematics for STEVAL-ISA050V1 board
1.0 37 KB

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