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Demonstration board for washing machine user interface based on the ST7LITE49M and STLED316S
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The STEVAL-IHI001V1 is a demonstration board designed to simulate the user interface of a modern washing machine.

The board is based on the low-cost 8-bit ST7LITE49M microcontroller equipped with an I²C bus interface, and the STLED316S serial interfaced 6-digit LED controller with key-scan.

The demonstration board is designed to work as a stand-alone application, or as a motherboard for the STEVAL-IHI002V1 daughter board, which features the STMPE1208S capacitive sensing device and can be plugged into the STEVALIHI001V1 to operate as a capacitive single touch keyboard.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • 8-bit ST7Lite49M MCU with I²C bus
  • STLED316S LED driver with key-scan
  • 3 displays and 32 LEDs as graphic interface
  • ICC connector and extra I²C bus connector
  • Wheel with 19 different washing programs
  • Powered directly from an AC notebook computer power supply
  • Additional program settings and adjustable spin speed
  • Adjustable LED brightness and lamp-test button
  • Fully stand-alone washing machine-like simulation
  • Connector to plug a daughter board (with automatic detection)



Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DB0741: Demonstration board for washing machine user interface based on the ST7LITE49M and STLED316S
1.2 122 KB

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