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9 W, A19 format Triac dimmable, high power factor, non-isolated LED driver based on the HVLED815PF (for US market)
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The STEVAL-ILL045V1 demonstration board showcases ST’s new LED driver chip, HVLED815PF. It solves the problem of low-cost drive circuitry for LED replacements for 40 W incandescent or equivalent compact-fluorescent lamps.

The HVLED815PF is a new integrated power controller using primary-side control to achieve LED current regulation within +/-5%. (It also has primary-side voltage regulation, used here for open load protection.)

The device incorporates an 800 V avalanche-rated FET and fits a standard SO-16 package. An internal startup circuit eliminates the need for external rapid-start circuitry.

The PFC-flyback power converter operates in transition mode for the highest efficiency and best use of components.

With the addition of a few extra components the HVLED815PF is made to draw near-sinusoidal input current from the AC line.

The circuit regulates LED current over a wide range of line voltage and LED string voltage, and it is dimmable with standard Triac-based dimmers.

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Key Features

  • 9 W output, for light equal to a range from 40 W to 60 W incandescent
  • +/-5% primary-side current regulation, no optocoupler
  • Low component count - 25 parts, including the EMI filter
  • Only 1 tight-tolerance component
  • High efficiency, > 86%
  • High power factor > 0.98 and low THD, < 20% over 90 V to 132 V range
  • Fits in 28 mm tubing, 52 mm overall length
  • Dimmable with common Triac dimmer
  • RoHS compliant




Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DB1694: 9 W, A19 format Triac dimmable, high power factor, non-isolated LED driver based on the HVLED815PF (for US market)
1.0 281 KB

Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN4130: STEVAL-ILL045V1: 120 V A19 dimmable high power factor 9 W LED driver using the HVLED815PF
1.1 3,383 KB

Hardware Resources

Board Manufacturing Specification

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STEVAL-ILL045V1 gerber files
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Bill of Materials

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1.0 9 KB

Schematic Pack

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STEVAL-ILL045V1 schematics
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Related Tools and Software

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STSW-L9942 EVAL-L9942 Graphical User Interface

Publications and Collaterals


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Off-line LED driving solutions
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STEVAL-ILL045V1ActiveHVLED815PFBuy Direct50.22Distributor reported inventory date: 2015-11-28
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